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Specific Defect

Home Survey

What is a Specific Defect Home Survey?

This type of home survey is best for you if you are a current homeowner and you have noticed a particular structural issue with your property, or you suspect that there might be one. For your peace of mind and a professional opinion I can carry out a Specific Defect Home Survey.

A Specific Defect Home Survey can be commissioned to address issues such as:

  • Structural movement

  • Decay of external elements of fabric

  • Dampness and condensation

  • Timber decay and rot

  • Roofing defects

A Specific Defect Survey can be useful if you need details about an explicit problem but do not need or want to commission a detailed Home Survey of the whole property. For example, you might be particularly worried that your home has a problem with damp or you have noticed cracking in the walls. You need honest, independent expert advice. I will carry out a non-intrusive inspection to diagnose the problem and guide you in the right direction for further advice from a specialist if required. 

Or, if you are selling a property and your buyer’s survey or the mortgage valuation has highlighted an issue, a Specific Defect Home Survey could provide a useful second opinion. Either way, it could allay any concerns, give you peace of mind, or help in any renegotiation.

Whatever the circumstances, my report will vary depending on the property. Please Contact me for a free, no obligation quote.

The cost of the Specific Defect Home Survey will vary depending on the number and complexity of the issues involved.

If you are worried about a problem in your home and would like more information about the Specific Defect Home Survey, please call me on 07946 307185, email me or fill out of the form below. 


Thank you.

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