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Home Survey Fees

How are my fees calculated?


As properties vary in age and increase in size and complexity, they require a longer inspection, which produces a more detailed report, and this requires a larger fee.

In addition to the pre-inspection research time, my fee includes the time required to carry out the home survey and the time to produce your bespoke report based on the size, age, type and complexity of the property.

Because I am an independent surveyor, I am able to take as much time as I feel is necessary to carry out the survey at the property, unlike surveyors who work for many national companies who are often required to survey more than one property each day. Surveying a property for longer means a more thorough inspection and a more detailed report for you.

I appreciate that my fees may be higher than some other surveyors, but I will generally allocate from four to five days to survey the property and write your report, whereas others may take less than one day.


VAT will not be added to my fees.

Whether you require a Building SurveyHome Buyer Survey, Pre-sale Home Survey, or Routine Home Survey, please contact me to discuss the associated fee.

If you would like more information about my range of Home Surveys, please call me on 07946 307185, email me or fill out of the form below. 


Thank you.

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